Pro democracy protests in Hong Kong

I think I can say for everyone in Hong Kong that everybody wants democracy. But this is getting way out of hands. This whole civic disobedience movement is coercion and violence to begin with. Don’t fucking call your sit-ins peaceful when you are planning to crumble Hong Kong’s economy, when you are taking away people’s rights to use the road, their right to get to school and work, their right to live their lives as they see fit, and more.

Don’t fucking make yourselves out as saints when you incite young people to get themselves hurt through irrational and unnecessary actions. How many times did your sit ins end in people getting hurt due to your provocation and/or unlawful activities? Breaking into government property and hurting the security guards, is that your definition of peace?

Don’t fucking call your movement peaceful when you refuse to clear even one lane for fucking emergency vehicles. When you put your cause above the health and safety of your fellow citizens, you are not peaceful. You are the very definition of selfishness and you are not above the actions of the government and police you hate so very much. The health and safety of young students — that is one of the biggest political leverage you have. Get them hurt, blame it entirely on the police and government, escalate the violence! International spotlight! International support!

I can never get the rationale behind crippling your own city’s economic, education and transport systems for something the Communist Party did, or will continue to do. You want to talk about real sacrifice? Lead the way first by quitting your jobs! You want chaos? Take it to Beijing! See what the citizens of Beijing will think of it! Want to be martyrs, get caught in Mainland China for your “cause!” Now that’s real sacrifice.